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Prototype DSS

The prototype DST report presents a study conducted by USACE and its contractors in support of the California Coastal Sediment Management Master Plan to build a prototype or pilot GIS-based model to perform cost-benefit analysis for different dredging and material placement options related to maintenance dredging. The prototype GIS model utilizes the Ventura Harbor dredging and disposal operation along with the placement of beach fill at three beach locations other than McGrath Beach or South Beach (the normal disposal areas) as examples to illustrate the potential strengths and weaknesses of building these types of GIS applications.

The following tasks were performed to accomplish the goals of this study:

  • A series of cost functions for dredge material disposal was created.
  • The benefits associated with placing the dredged material from Ventura Harbor on three alternative beach fill sites were calculated.
  • The differential costs versus regional benefits for the three selected beach fill sites were estimated.
  • The results of the differential cost-benefit analysis were incorporated into a prototype GIS-based model that can be used to perform this same type of analysis.

This prototype model will be presented to focus workgroups to seek input from local, State, and Federal agencies on the potential uses of the model and ways to improve the model. The placement scenarios presented in the report were for illustration only, and are not intended to be "real-world" projects that could implemented as specified in this report. Hence, the examples incorporated in this report should not be viewed as sufficient analyses for the specification of one or more "real-world" site-specific scenarios.

Results laid out in Appendix A – Coastal and Economic Analyses to develop the prototype or pilot GIS-based model that, could, with some additional modifications, be used to evaluate future dredging and disposal options along the California Coast