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Decision Support System

Using information contained in the GIS database, Decision Support Systems(DSS) will be developed for the Sediment Master Plan as identified by coastal managers, planners and engineers.  The task’s ultimate goal is to develop a suite of tools applicable to regional localities with similar environmental characteristics that will assist coastal staff in making sound regional-based decisions regarding sediment management.

As an initial effort, a prototype DSS was developed for sediment dredged from Ventura Harbor and three potential beach fill sites. The prototype describes, in a qualitative or semi-quantitative manner, the complex, spatially-dependent relationships between sediment transport costs and the associated benefits that relocation to other receiver sites will generate.  Our goal for the prototype DSS is to further develop it for use at other harbors along the California shoreline. Public hearings will be scheduled to discuss the prototype DSS, and notification will be provided to those on our Public Outreach Contact List .