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Coastal Sediment Benefits Analysis Tool (CSBAT)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the State of California, and various local agencies in California have collaborated to create tools for the purpose of regional sediment management (RSM). One of the benefits of RSM is to provide a cost effective way of nourishing beaches and providing necessary shoreline protection to California's coast. A GIS-based tool called the Coastal Sediment Benefit Analysis Tool (CSBAT) evaluates the economic costs and environmental considerations associated with beneficial reuse of beach-quality sediment obtained from various sources, including coastal (e.g., harbors), inland (e.g., dams/debris basins) and offshore locations, and placed on various beaches within the region that are in need of sediment. CSBAT incorporates six components: Sediment Sources; Receiver Sites; Transportation Modes and Cost; Recreational Usage and Benefit; Cost Benefit Analyses, and Environmental Considerations.

The CSBAT beta model is designed to function as a planning level screening tool to help decision-makers develop alternative sediment disposal scenarios within an efficient, user-friendly environment. The current CSBAT was developed with regional scale data and simplified analyses. It is intended as a screening level tool (not to be used for site specific project design) and still has many limitations on its application.

The CSBAT application allows the end user to develop a wide array of scenarios that estimate the relative costs and benefits associated with placing various volumes of sediment, through various transportation methods, at various receiver sites from a particular source. This approach allows the end user to accomplish at least two tasks in an efficient and effective manner: 1) determining the least cost method of transporting the sand; and 2) determining the volume of sand that provides the greatest increase in recreational value.

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