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Coastal RSM Plan Development, San Francisco Central Bay

In 2011, CSMW funded a portion of the development of the Central San Francisco Bay Regional Sediment Management Plan (SFBRSMP) for the eastern part of San Francisco Littoral Cell (Central San Francisco Bay to the mouth of the Golden Gate)(“Project Area”). The SFBRSMP is being undertaken by CSMW member San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), and is intended to formulate consensus-driven regional sediment management guidance and recommended beneficial reuse policies for the sand fraction of San Francisco Bay sediment management plan.

The sandy portion of San Francisco Bay is primarily limited to the Central Bay. Historically, there were approximately 27 miles of beaches and dunes in San Francisco Bay, however, few remain. In recent years there has been considerable interest in expanding beach habitat in areas where it is sustainable for its own intrinsic value, recreational opportunities and as a buffer to sea level rise.

The SFBRSMP program is gathering existing data; identifying sand sources and areas of need; working with partners to enhance, restore and maintain coastal beaches; identifying policy issues associated with proposed projects; reducing shoreline erosion and coastal storm damage; and supporting recreation and tourism. BCDC is work with local governments, state and federal agencies and coordinating with nongovernmental organizations. The Central SFBRSMP will promote beneficial reuse of sandy sediment in enhancing and restoring beaches throughout the Central Bay portion of the San Francisco Littoral Cell; adoption of the Central SFBRSMP by ABAG and its incorporation into Local Coastal Plans are integral to this goal.

Project Goals and Objectives

BCDCs Scope of Work is outlined in the document to your right. Objectives include:

  • Identify, gather and review existing information on coarse grain sediment dynamics, sensitive species and critical habitat;
  • Identify research and management needs for Central San Francisco Bay and the San Francisco littoral cell;
  • Update conceptual sediment dynamic model for Central San Francisco Bay and the connection to the San Francisco littoral cell;
  • Define the existing critical erosion areas within the Central San Francisco Bay;
  • Summarize the current dredging and disposal activities, aggregate mining and the economic feasibility of sediment management activities in key sediment erosion or accretion areas.
  • Identify permitting requirements and funding sources for future development of regional sediment management for San Francisco Bay and the outer coast.
  • Prepare a Central SFBRSMP for coarse grain sediment that identifies key management challenges, and provides recommendations on how to address these challenges.

CSMWs point of contact for the CRSMP is Brenda Goedan. Please contact her for information on public meetings and Plan development schedules. Clif Davenport, the CSMW Project Manager can also be contacted for general information.