"Welcome to the Captain’s Blog. This is your Captain speaking ..."

Ahoy, boaters! Summer's over, but we’re fortunate that boating is a year-round pleasure in California. By power, paddle or sail, my fellow boaters have had amazing experiences this year all along the coast, on the Delta, and at more than 100 lakes and reservoirs. Many of you trekked over to Nevada and Arizona to enjoy Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and the Colorado River. I invite you to share your tales of adventure with us. And always remember - if it’s your boat, it’s YOUR responsibility.

-Your Captn.

Do you have a boating tale to tell the Captain? If so, e-mail it to me! In the meantime, turn the page for stories submitted by other boaters.

(These are true stories published as submitted. Some include detail of injuries sustained in boating accidents.)