2006 California Boating Safety Report
California Division of Boating and Waterways

Section 5: 2005-2006 Program Enhancements

A. Media Outreach

New Campaign Launched in 2006

The multi-media boating safety campaign runs May to October in Northern California and year-round in Southern California. DBW launched a new “Responsibility” campaign, its message: “If it’s your boat, it’s YOUR responsibility.” New billboards, posters and radio ads were created addressing boater responsibility and special proactive messages emphasizing Boating Under the Influence (BUI) arrests aired prior to all popular three-day holiday weekends (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day).

Victim testimonials were recorded for the new radio campaign and aired on radio stations statewide. DBW also continued promoting the BoatSmarter.com website and encouraged all boaters to share their stories.

The program dispatched mobile billboards at popular launching ramps and marinas and continued to place all-weather posters statewide at launching ramps, park entrances, and fuel docks reminding boaters to be responsible on the water.

Additional Radio Boating Safety Messages

DBW created and produced two new 60- and 30-second radio testimonials, Scott and Dave, addressing the importance of paying attention and traveling at a safe speed while boating, along with life jacket usage and awareness of cold water dangers, respectively.

Television Boating Safety Promotions

DBW partnered with the San Diego area XETV to heighten awareness of boating and water safety in the San Diego area prior to the Memorial Day weekend in 2006. The television station produced and aired five 15-second “Safety Announcements” that ran during the morning newscast throughout the week leading up to the holiday weekend. These PSAs focused on the importance of wearing a life jacket, taking a boating safety course, and boating sober. Then, on the Friday before Memorial Day, the station’s Morning Show reporter conducted “live” interviews on-location with local marine patrol officers and the aquatic center director on the importance of wearing a life jacket and taking a boating safety course. A life jacket trade-in followed on-site, with “Safety Tote” giveaways to viewers via an online contest at the station’s website.

Additional successful television “Safety Promotion” partnerships with news anchor personalities recording PSAs were carried out with Redding TV station KRCR for Independence Day weekend and then with Sacramento TV station KMAX for Labor Day weekend.

Spanish Language

The Sacramento Univision television station gave DBW the opportunity to relay boating safety information to the Spanish-speaking community. Live feed interviews took place during the summer months.

B. Other Outreach to the Public

Life Jacket Loan Program

DBW continues the Life Jacket Loan Program, partnering with fire stations and other voluntary venues to offer free short-term life jacket use for the public. Loan locations have gradually increased over the years to extend beyond the Greater Sacramento area and the location list is posted on DBW’s website. In 2006, an additional life jacket loan site was established at Lake Berryessa. A current list of locations for the Life Jacket Loan Program can be found on DBW’s website at www.dbw.ca.gov/BoaterInfo/LifeJacket.aspx.

Brochure—Boating Safety Classes

In 2006, DBW completed work on a brochure that promotes hands-on boating safety courses and contains information on classes offered by aquatic centers that have partnered with DBW. This brochure is currently being distributed.