Exhibit E-3
1999 Boating Safety Education Programs

Education Programs

AquaSMART Elementary Education Program 500,000 participating students
Boating Safely High School Education Program 25,000 participating students
A Home Study Education (General Public) 30,000 courses mailed
Poster Contest (Sixth Annual) 6,000 entries

Aquatic Center Grant Program

Grants to universities and non-profit organizations for scholarships, purchase of boats, equipment, and related safety supplies 120,000 individuals trained

Public Outreach Programs

In 1999, Department representatives:

  Attended numerous events to distribute boating safety literature and answer questions for the public.

  Launched a summer media campaign focusing on areas with the greatest number of accidents. This campaign consisted of 52 stationary billboards and 10 mobile billboards which traveled to waterways throughout the summer, particularly on major holiday weekends.

  Expanded a radio campaign targeting areas of California with the highest accident rates. Safety messages regarding PWC operation, river safety and an overall safe boating message were added to the messages already being aired promoting life jacket use and the dangers of mixing alcohol and boating. These messages were aired by more than 30 stations throughout the State.

  Increased outreach efforts to boaters at the water by:

   Partnering with the California Coastal Commission's Adopt-a-Beach Program to put safety posters on refuse barrels on the docks and in picnic areas.

   Placing all-weather safety posters at launching ramps, fuel docks and park entrances.

  Distributed 1.2 million copies of boating safety literature.

Abandoned Watercraft Removal Program

  In 1999, a total of $284,600 was allocated to 6 public agencies for the removal and disposal of 90 abandoned vessels and 22 other substantial hazards to navigation.

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