Executive Summary

The California Division of Boating and Waterways administers many programs to increase boating safety. The 1998 California Boating Safety Report summarizes activities performed in three key safety program areas:

  1. Boating accident analysis

  2. Law enforcement

  3. Safety education

This report also highlights the Department's current program enhancements and future safety initiatives designed to reduce accidents and make California's waterways safer.

California's boating accident program provides useful accident information to boaters, law enforcement agencies, and educators. This information is communicated to the general public through the incorporation of accident analysis and relevant safety measures into the Department's safety education programs and law enforcement training programs. Exhibit E-1 provides a summary of key accident statistics for 1998.

The Department provides supplemental funding to counties for law enforcement activities and promotes uniform enforcement of boating laws through its law enforcement programs. The financial aid program allocated more than $8.1 million to 32 counties and 2 cities for enforcement personnel and operating costs. In turn, the counties provided crucial boating law enforcement and safety training. Exhibit E-2 provides a summary of law enforcement activities supported by the financial aid program.

The law enforcement training program included seven courses on various boating safety topics. During 1998, Department staff trained more than 500 marine enforcement officers.

The Department's safety education programs provided nearly 2 million individuals with boating safety training and materials. On-going partnerships with educational institutions, aquatic centers, and non-profit organizations provided crucial safety information to students and the general public. Additionally, the Department sponsored a statewide radio and billboard campaign to promote life jacket usage and highlight the dangers of mixing alcohol and boating. Exhibit E-3 provides a summary of the Department's safety education outreach programs.

Many new programs developed in 1999 focus on improving public outreach and expanding law enforcement training. Enhancements to existing programs reflect changing accident statistics and key safety concerns.Exhibit E-4 presents a summary of the 1999 program enhancements and initiatives.

Exhibit E-1
1998 Boating Accident Summary Statistics

Overall Boating Accident Highlights

PWC Accident Statistics

Youth Accident Statistics (Youth is under 18 years of age)

Fatal Accident Statistics