Table of Contents

2000 California Boating Safety Report

Letter from the Director


Executive Summary

I. Introduction

A. Boating Accident Program

B. Boating Law Enforcement Programs

C. Boating Safety Education Programs

II. Boating Accident Program

A. Limitations of the Analysis

B. 2000 Accident Summary

C. Accidents Involving Personal Watercraft

D. Accidents Involving Water Skking

E. Accidents Involving Youths

F. Fatal Boating Accidents

G. Alcohol Use and Fatal Boating Accidents

III. Boating Law Enforcement Programs

A. Financial Aid Program

B. Law Enforcement Training Program

IV. Boating Safety Education Programs

A. Educational Outreach to School-Age Children

B. Educational Outreach to the General Public

C. Public Information Education Through Pamphlets

D. Abandoned Watercraft Removal Program

V. 2000 Program Enhancements, Initiatives, and New Laws

VI. Accident Data Charts

California Division of Boating and Waterways, May 2001