Boating and Waterways Commission Approves $1.04 Million Grant to Upgrade Imperial County Boat Launching Facility
Improvements Will Make Boating at Wiest Lake Safer and More Convenient

Contact:  Gloria Sandoval (916) 651-5692

January 23, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The California Boating and Waterways Commission today unanimously approved a $1.04 million grant for upgrades to the Wiest Lake boat launching facility in Imperial County.

Improvements to the facility will include replacement of the existing lakeshore shade structures, and resurfacing and expanding the existing parking area with a possible alternate exit. The project also plans to add a new boater restroom, boarding floats with gangways, new accessible pathways, and additional security lighting.


Grant and loan applications are submitted to the Department of Boating and Waterways and funding for approved projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of vessel gasoline and the repayment of principal and interest on department-made loans.

The department provides grants to a county, city, district or other public agency for the construction of small craft boating launching facilities and loans to local agencies for the construction of small craft harbors. These grants and loans require the consent of the Boating and Waterways Commission.