California Boating and Waterways Commission
Announces First Inductee into Hall of Fame

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August 30, 2011

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The California Boating and Waterways Commission (Commission) today recognized Vivian Matuk as its first inductee into their “Hall of Fame”.

“This honor is bestowed upon unique individuals who in their own right have become ‘Champions’ of and for California’s boating community,” said Commission’s Chair Lenora S. Clark. “Vivian is known throughout the recreational boating community as a good steward of the environment, the waterways, we all cherish and enjoy. She has won over even the grumpiest of boaters, who weren’t sure whether she was friend or foe when she first began to show how to go about clean boating.”

Vivian Matuk, Environmental Coordinator for the California Department of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission, heads the Boating Clean and Green Program. She is being recognized for her work not only with these two distinct state departments, but also for her partnerships with volunteer recreational boaters throughout the state and for providing technical assistance to local, state and national governments on clean and safe boating practices. Additionally, she has worked with BoatUS Foundation, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and marina operators across the state.

Highlights of but a few of her endeavors:

  • Keep the Delta Clean
  • Boating Clean and Green
  • Help Stop the Drops – Clean fueling program
  • Reel In and Recycle – Monofilament fishing line recovery
  • Dockwalkers Program
  • Marine Expired Flare Recovery
  • San Francisco Bay Marinas and Yacht Club Oil Spill Preparedness Group
  • “Changing Tides” Newsletter
Vivian’s determination and follow through combined with her positive attitude and technical knowledge has garnered her respect from the clean boating community and has enabled her to develop effective programs that deliver results. Vivian Matuk was honored with a national award as the 2010 BoatUS Foundation Environmental Leadership Award recipient for helping to make the State of California a leader in clean boating.

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The Commission’s Hall of Fame recognized unique individuals who have become ‘Champions’ of and for California’s boating community.

The Commission is mandated by the Harbors and Navigation Code to advise the Department of Boating and Waterways on all matters within its jurisdiction.

The Commission must also consent to all boating facilities loans and grants proposed by the department.