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$15.9 Million Boating Facility Improvement Funding Approved

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May 26, 2010

SACRAMENTO –The California Boating and Waterways Commission (Commission) today approved $15.9 million in boating facility improvement loans. The loan recipients are:

San Francisco Marina (West Harbor Project), San Francisco County
The Commission approved a $6.99 million loan to the City and County of San Francisco for improvements to the West Harbor Project of San Francisco Marina. The project consists of the demolition of existing berths and construction of recsonfigured berths in the West Harbor, upgrading of electrical and water dock utilities, installation of new barrier-free access gangways with security gates, construction of a new breakwater, replacement of revetment, mole removal, dredging and improvement of buildings.

Alamitos Basin, Long Beach – Los Angeles County
The Commission approved a $9 million loan to the City of Long Beach to rebuild Alamitos Bay Marina, Basins 2 and 3. The project is to rebuild Basins 2 and 3 of the Alamitos Bay Marina, including dredging, reparation of the seawall and repaving the parking areas.

Grant and loan applications are submitted to the California Department of Boating and Waterways and funding for approved projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of vessel gasoline and the repayment of principal and interest on department-made loans.

The department provides grants to a county, city, district or other public agency for the construction of small craft boating launching facilities and loans to local agencies for the construction of small craft harbors. These grants and loans require the consent of the seven-member Boating and Waterways Commission.