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March 22, 2006

New DBW Weblogs Track Boating Facility Construction Projects

SACRAMENTO – New DBW Internet Weblogs will track the progress of state-funded boating facility projects, affording the public first-time direct access to ongoing project improvement information.  The new Facilities Project Blogs Webpage allows users to search for and track the status of boating facility construction projects along lakes, rivers, basins, marinas, and coastline throughout California.

“DBW funds about $50 million in boater access enhancements throughout the state each year using boating fuel taxes,” said Raynor Tsuneyoshi, DBW director. “Every loan or grant we issue for construction of boating facilities is done with boaters’ money and we want them to be able to see where it’s going and how it’s being used.”

Each project page contains the location and project description, grant amounts, anticipated completion dates, and contact information. The blogs list the current status of each project and any recent updates.

“While our records have always been open to anyone who is interested in seeing them,” Tsuneyoshi said, “this new website rolls out the red carpet and invites the public to follow the progress of every project we fund. We know boaters will discover that we are making the best possible use of their fuel tax dollars.”

The primary users of the new site are expected to be boaters looking for information about planned or ongoing improvements at a local boating facility, marina operators searching for new ideas, and contractors interested in newly funded work.

DBW grants money to public entities for construction of boat launching facilities and provides low interest loans to public and privately owned marinas for planning, construction, rehabilitation or expansion of small craft harbors. Breakwater construction, dredging, berthing, utilities, landscaping and irrigation, restrooms, fuel docks, boat sewage pumpout stations, and public access walkways at small craft harbors are examples of the improvements that can be funded by DBW grants.

The project blogs can be accessed on the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) Website at www.dbw.ca.gov.

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