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May 4, 2005

Your Boat's Way Too Loud! - What!?

Sacramento – As of last January 1 st, California boating law enforcement officials began using a safer and more efficient method to measure and enforce maximum noise levels for recreational motorboats. This makes it easier than before for marine patrols to confirm that a motor boater is running too loud.

In California, exceeding the noise limit can cost you up to $250. In neighboring Nevada, it can also cost you a day at play. If you plan to spend time on the Colorado River or Lake Meade this summer, be aware that, while Nevada’s noise limits match California’s, Nevada boating law enforcement officers can terminate your trip if your boat is too loud.

“If the vessel’s engine exceeds the maximum noise levels, the officer will instruct the operator to take immediate corrective action and may terminate the voyage until the engine is in compliance,” said Fred Messman, Nevada’s Boating Law Administrator. ”If you can’t hold a normal conversation on your boat, it may be too loud.”

Raynor Tsuneyoshi, Director of the California Department of Waterways, says, “We want to make sure everyone enjoys their recreational boating experience. For some, that means making sure the waterways aren’t too loud. Getting cited or having your voyage terminated is no fun.”

Prevent that citation by being aware that all vessels must use a muffling system that brings the vessel into compliance with noise limits while operating on inland water and on coastal waters within one mile of the coastline. For more information visit www.dbw.ca.gov.

The Department of Boating and Waterways promotes on-the-water safety and helps develop convenient public access to the waterways through programs funded by vessel registration fees, boating fuel tax dollars and boating facility construction loan payments.

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