Vessel Turn In Program (VTIP)

DBW is pleased to announce the activation of the new online grant application system, "OLGA," available for the following grants:
  • Boating Safety and Enforcement Equipment Grant Program (BSEE)
  • Abandoned Watercraft and Abatement Fund (AWAF)
  • Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP)
  • Surrendered and Abandoned Vessels Exchange (SAVE)

Grant applications submitted through OLGA will be accepted as of July 1, 2015 and will close at 5:00pm PST on July 31, 2015. Please submit your applications as soon as possible.

To introduce new users to OLGA, an instructional PowerPoint aid is available via the link under "Quick Hits" on the left of this page (second link from top). Please review this information before beginning your application.

The link to access and begin your application via OLGA is the first link on the left of this page, "ONLINE GRANT APPLICATION (OLGA)."

Other DBW grant programs will be made available online through OLGA at future dates within the year. DBW will update the website as these programs become activated.

If any questions regarding these grants, please contact:

BSEE: Corrina Dugger,
AWAF/VTIP/SAVE: Susan Sykes,


DBW is pleased to announce the NEW combination grant, the Surrendered and Abandoned Vessel Exchange (SAVE). This grant is available to local public agencies applying for both of the Abandoned Watercraft and Abatement Fund (AWAF) and Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP) grants. The SAVE combines these two effective grants into one, providing the convenience of a single grant to manage, and allowing the flexibility to use the SAVE grant funds interchangeably for AWAF and VTIP issues. If your agency applies for both grants, you will automatically receive the SAVE grant. If applying only for the AWAF or VTIP, consider the SAVE. The option to handle both situations gives your agency the best flexibility.

Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP)

The Vessel Turn-In Program (VTIP) provides an alternative for boat owners to surrender an unwanted recreational vessel to participating public local agencies.

VTIP was established by Assembly Bill (AB) 166 (Chapter 416, Statutes 2009) and became effective January 1, 2010. The program provides grants to public local agencies to administer a turn-in program in their jurisdiction. Funding for VTIP comes from the Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund (AWAF), but is separate from the existing AWAF program and receives separate budget authority. Participation in the current AWAF program is not required to participate in VTIP.

DBW will review all applications and award grants to eligible agencies after the passage of the fiscal year budget. Please see the Information Summary for more information. You may also call the VTIP program analyst, Susan Sykes, at (916) 327-1825, or email

For more information, please call the VTIP program administrator, Susan Sykes, at (916) 327-1825, or email at