Here are some tips on how to use a typical pumpout

Whatever the model, follow the instructions posted, and use the pumpout for holding tank waste only. Pumpouts are not designed to handle bilge water or solid material.

1. Close nozzle valve on pumpout hose.
2. Remove deck waste fitting cover from boat (attach nozzle guard to deck waste fitting if available) and insert nozzle.
3. Turn on pump
4. Slowly open nozzle valve. (Valves can be difficult to turn-be persistent!). Check the flow through the sight glass. If flow does not begin within one minute, place the nozzle in water for ten seconds. If there is still no flow, check for an air leak in the line or a plug in the holding tank air vent.
5. When tank is empty, remove nozzle from fitting.
6. Place the nozzle in water for 60 seconds to flush the line. Flushing helps prevent costly pumpout breakdowns.
7. Close the nozzle valve.
8. Turn off the pump and return the hose when you are finished so it will work for the next boater.

Pumpout Nozzle

Pumpout Nozzle Diagram

Pumpout Pointers

Keep your MSD (marine sanitation device) in good operating condition. Make sure all fittings, hoses and other pump mechanisms stay clean and lubricated. Keep a complete repair kit for your particular type of head on board. Use rapid-dissolving marine toilet tissue specifically designed for MSDs.

Follow pumpout instructions. If instructions are not posted, or unclear, ask. Encourage the marina operator to post easy-to-understand instructions.
Rinse water through the pumpout system for one minute when finished pumping. Expensive breakdowns commonly occur when the sewer lines get clogged because of inadequate rinsing. Flushing water through the system is an inexpensive form of preventive maintenance.

Pump out only your holding tank. Pumpouts are not designed to handle bilge water or other substances.

Turn off the pump when finished so it will work for the next boater.
Consider using a mobile pumpout service if you prefer not to service the head yourself.