From what I was told, it took about ten minutes to get to shore.  There, the medics were called and it was another 15 minutes until the heli-vac arrived.  From there it was another ten minutes to Twin Cites hospital in San Luis Obispo.  I was rushed to the ER and had to undergo surgery to repair all of the damage.  I remember waking up in the ICU a day later with tubes and bandages all over.  The doctor told me that this was the worst accident that anyone has survived. 

Today, I have 75% mobility of my left leg, a permanent limp, and scars to last me a lifetime.  To me, I am just glad to be alive.  It took me about 3 years to get back into my brother's boat. 

Today,  all of my friends have an increased awareness of all the dangers that can happen in the open water.



Wearing Life Jackets
By Chris

I just want the Captain to know how awsome it was for the kids to recieve DBW t-shirts at Englebrite lake on Sunday,from the Park Ranger's  while we were fishing on the lake.I just want to thank your crew again for noticeing that they were wearing their life jackets. That was pretty special