What you choose to do as a boat driver affects people whether you know it or not. Even your wake can disturb others long after your boat has disappeared. Your stunts create damage, you are showing other boaters and waterway users behavior that may be impressionable and they can imitate your driving skills with disastrous results.  

I'm a boating safety instructor now, saving lives begins with education and responsible use.   Think back to your own close calls and what could have been done differently. Every choice you make has a consequence. Somebody else may pay the price for your 'fun'. Don't think it can't happen to you.

It was the summer of 2000 and my family and friends drove north for our annual Lake Trip.  Lake Nacimiento was our normal stop, but that year it was too crowded so we ended up at Lake San Antonio. 

On the third day, we decided to cruise along (3 boats) to a couple of tie up spots in the finger coves along the lake. After leaving the cove


we decided to stop in the no wake zone and go for a dip in the water to cool off (I was in my friends' boat at the time).  We were getting back into our boats and as I swam up to the rear swim step (inboard Nautique) the driver of the boat turned the ignition on and put the boat in reverse.  This happened as I was about one foot away from the swim step.  That's when tragedy hit.  This boat literally backed up over me, sucked me under, hit me and threw me about 30 feet away under water.  All I remember was floating in the water looking at all the blood around me.  Then I hear my girlfriend (my wife now) screaming. 

I remember my brother jumping out of his boat and swimming toward me.  My other friends followed and helped my brother lift me onto the swim step of his boat.  I remember my brother wrapping my lower half of my body with a towel and putting pressure on it.  The damage was done to my lower half.  The prop hit me 9 times, which severed the nerve from my left thigh to my knee.  It also severed a piece of my hip bone, damaged the muscle on the side of my thigh, and damaged my private parts. (cont.)