My doctor said the extent of my injuries favored me due to my musculature and lifejacket which was essentially held my upper chest together.   We reviewed the x-rays and if the impact had been to the right one inch on my spine, it could have been a catastrophic injury.  

My body isn't the same as before the accident, my left side is weaker than my right, my posture and walking structure isn't balanced. I can only sleep on my left side now. Economically it was a disaster for me, my work was reliant on my physical body. Recreational boating was not fun anymore, I became defensive, cautious. I knew the person who hit me, they got 'out of control' and didn't realize I was hurt and continued on their way.  

The person driving a boat needs to understand the function controls and handling aspect of their craft. The boat itself isn't dangerous, but the people driving them sure can be. Evaluate your history, you can change, but you need to take inventory on what you can change and if you are setting yourself or others up for a 'close call' or a 911 call. (cont.)


I became extremely safety conscious. If I saw a person 'spraying' down their friends I have no problem pulling up and giving them the best advice of their life, 'The Life You Save May Be Your Own', think about what you are doing and what can go wrong. Would you do that in your car with a child who trusted you and feel comfortable about having a car come that close to a friend? I don't think so.  

I witness people with passengers on board their PWC's disrespecting their vessel and passenger safety. Boating is a serious activity. Parents need to be responsible with their children and monitor their activity on the water, even if they are a passenger. Wear the proper safety gear.   You can still have fun and be safe, ' better safe than sorry' the saying goes.

What had been a fun activity for me became a serious responsibility. It changed my life and not just on the water. Boats do not have brakes and boat drivers have more freedom on our waterways than on our streets. (Cont.)