If it's your boat, it's YOUR responsibility.

Buckle Up! Even while you fish.

"The Angler and his
Life Jacket"

30-second Video Public Safety Announcement

DBW conducts a Multimedia Boating Safety Awareness Campaign to raise boaters’ awareness of safety concerns and lower the boating accident rate in California. Radio messages, mobile billboards, all-weather posters, and marina trash receptacles carry messages with the “If it's YOUR boat, it's YOUR responsibility” theme.

The media campaign is a combination of first-hand accounts of accidents from victims and statistics on the legal consequences boaters face for boating while intoxicated. The spots focus on the responsibility of the vessel operator with the tag line: “If it’s your boat, it’s YOUR responsibility.”

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The Safety Team Truck

DBW Safety Team

Radio Public Service Announcements

Video Public Service Announcements

DBW has produced a collection of video messages that promote boating safety. Subjects include fishing safely, life jackets, boating under the influence, personal watercraft, boater training, boater inattention and others. They are available to use with permission. Contact pubinfo@parks.ca.gov.