Safe Boating Week - May 20 - 26

Boat Smart. Boat Safe. Wear It.California is one of the best places in the nation for recreational boating with more than 250 waterways and some spectacular settings. However, boating can be a risky sport if you aren’t prepared. Not knowing or obeying the Navigation Rules or the nautical “Rules of the Road,” drinking alcohol or taking drugs while operating a boat, or choosing not to wear your life jacket is clearly not the smart thing to do.

Knowledge and skills are important in reducing human error and improving judgment. If people are aware of the risk, they are likely to take the precautionary measures to protect themselves and their friends and family. That is why we spread the message about boating safely during National Safe Boating Week and throughout the entire year.

Governor's Proclamation for Safe Boating Week

Safe Boating Hints

The Evolution of the Life Jacket