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The Division of Boating and Waterways extends many thanks to those who have taken part in the production of Personal Watercraft Safety in California.

California State Sheriffs' Association: Content review and approval

California State University, Humboldt -- Center Activities: Text Development

Sacramento State University, -- Creative Services: Graphic Design

PWC Consultant Group (1/31/00): Content Development

Shawn Alladio (K38 Rescue)
Chris Brewster (San Diego Lifeguards)
Jim Davis & Betty Oakey (US Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Fred Dickey (US Power Squadrons)
Tony Hargett (H2O Rescue)
Sgt. Charlie Slabaugh & Dep. Barbara Smith (Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept)

PWC Consultant Group (8/1/00): Content Development

Shawn Alladio (K38 Rescue)
Brant Bass (San Diego Lifeguards)
Brian Dulgar (CSUS Aquatic Center)
Lt. William Dall & Gary Watts (Los Lagos SRA, Lake Perris)
Roger Hagie (Kawasaki Motors Corp.)
Ken Hanley (US Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Sgt. Bill Maddox & Det. Michael Fassari (San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept)
Lt. Randy Trefry (Folsom SRA)
M'K Veloz (Northern California Marine Association)

Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries: permission to use illustrations from its Personal Watercraft in Virginia.

Continue Your Boating Safety Education

Free boating safety classes are conducted by several organizations throughout the State of California. The largest of these organizations are the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Power Squadrons. A primary mission of both organizations is to promote safety afloat through education, and you need not be a member to take advantage of the basic instruction offered.

Introductory classes include basic information on aids to navigation, rules of the road, charts and compasses, boating regulations, marlinespike seamanship, motorboat handling and trailering practices. Some Auxiliary Flotillas also offer public courses on PWC operation principals of sailing and coastal piloting.

A 24-hour, toll-free information service is available to California boaters. The service is designed to provide boaters with up-to-date information on boating classes offered throughout the state. This includes classes given by the U.S. Power Squadrons, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and other local organizations such as the American Red Cross. Callers can also request information on required and recommended equipment, nautical rules of the road, local safety and facilities on both coastal and inland waters. Aquatic Centers across the State also offer boating safety classes. Courses, costs and schedules vary. A list of Aquatic Centers can be found on the Division's Website.

For more information contact: