Rescue Tips For Kids

• Accidents happen at the pool, lake, river, and ocean. It is best to be prepared.
• The three ways to rescue someone are to Reach, Throw, or Row.
• NEVER jump into the water to save someone
• First Reach for the person. Be sure to hold onto someone or something stable while you are reaching. DO NOT lean over the water while you are trying to save someone.
• If you can’t Reach the person, Throw out something that will float, something the person can hold onto that will help him/her stay afloat until help comes.
• If you can’t Reach or Throw, find an adult who can Row out to the person. A large inner tube, an air mattress, surfboard, or raft are examples of what to Row.
• If you can’t Reach, Throw, or find an adult to Row, go call 9-1-1 to get help.

Rescue Tips For Adults

Knowing how to respond to an emergency when you are on the water can mean the difference between life and death.

You should also know basic First Aid and CPR because your boating trips may take you far from help.

Personal Watercraft Rescue

• Approach and accident victim slowly with no wake.
• Turn off engine.
• Assess the injuries - talk to the victim if you can.
• If the victim has a minor injury, help him aboard your vessel for transport.
• If seriously injured, support the victim in the water.
• Keep the victim stable until help arrives.

River Rescue

If you are the victim -

• Remain calm and assume the swimmer's position with your feet pointed downward.
• Listen to your guide.
• Avoid "strainers" and other obstacles in the water.
• Don't try to stand unless the water is too shallow from swimming.

If you are the rescuer -

• Throw a rope.
• Pull the victim to the edge of the raft or a safe shore.
• Assess the victim's condition and get help if needed.

Riverboat Rescue

If a skier is injured-

• Observer raises the signal flag when the skier falls.
• Approach the accident victim on the driver's side slowly with no wake.
• Turn off the engine.
• Assess the injuries by talking to the victim if you can.
• If the injures are minor, help the victim board your vessel over the stern.
• If seriously injured, support the victim in the water.
• Keep the victim stable until help arrives.

Sailboat Rescue

• Throw a PFD to someone who has fallen overboard.
• If the boat capsizes, right it if you can.
• If you can't right the boat, climb on the hull.
• Stay with the boat.
• Signal for help and wait to be rescued.