Watch Out!

Believe it or not, a lot of accidents happen outside of the water!

Poison Oak

Beware of poison oak; it grows in abundance along many of our rivers.

REMEMBER: Leaves of three, don't touch me!



Rattlesnakes love to sunbathe on rocks. Stay away from them and they won't hurt you.


Slippery Rocks

Beware of slippery rocks, branches and docks when launching your raft or boat!

Let’s Clean the Water

Be a good citizen, don’t pollute.
Keep the waterways clean. Why?

• Clean water is safe water.
• Food scraps and cigarette butts rot, contaminate the water, and poison wildlife.
• Wildlife mistake styrofoam, plastic, and other trash for food.
• Lead sinkers, oil, and gasoline poison plants, animals, and people.
• Fishing line strangles wildlife and can get tangled in boat propellers.
• Plastic six-pack rings can hook onto the beaks, necks, and wings of birds, onto the bodies of fish, and onto the noses and necks of small animals. This can kill them.
• Plastic bags float like jellyfish and look like food.
• Using the water for a toilet pollutes the water.

Recycle and reuse whenever possible and always put
garbage in a trash can. How can you preserve our waterways?

• Dispose of waste in the proper place.
• Recycle cans, bottles, paper, and plastic.
• Reuse old fishing line, hooks, and weights.
• Put trash in a trash receptacle.
• Compost food waste, except meat.
• Take your trash home if no proper waste disposal is available.
• Use pumpout stations for boat wastes and sewage.
• Go to the bathroom before you go out boating. Never use the
waterways for a toilet.