Boating and Waterways' 50th Anniversary (1957 - 2007)

DBW's 50th Anniversary Coin

September 11, 2007, marks the 50th anniversary of the Department of Boating and Waterways.  For 50 years, we have been serving California in its mission to provide for safe and convenient public access to the millions of Californians who use our navigable waterways.

Since 1957, the Department has provided $786 million to local agencies and businesses, and for DBW capital outlay projects, for the construction of marinas, boat launching facilities, floating restrooms, sewage pumpout stations, coastal beach erosion control and sand renourishment.

DBW provides boating education, safety, law enforcement, consumer protection, environmental, and aquatic weed control programs for the benefit of the boating community.

The department’s programs are paid by boaters for boaters through a special fund that is self-supporting.

These programs have aided boaters to enjoy California’s beautiful and plentiful waterways.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that recreational boating is a popular leisure time activity, contributing almost $20 billion to the economy annually.

As a way to commemorate our anniversary, a new logo was created and the Department will be exhibiting at the California State Fair, August 17 through September 3 (Labor Day).

Boats in EnsenadaThis new logo will usher DBW into the next 50 years of service to the boaters of California.  It represents the leadership and guidance it has provided throughout the nation as both an innovator and an advocate for boating safety and access.

Our participation at the State Fair will showcase how DBW has been involved in the growth of boating in California.  DBW will be exhibiting in Building 4 of the Expo Center at Cal Expo.  The building is themed “50 Years of Boating!

~We’ve been working 50 years to “Improve your Play!”